Stephen Brandes
Public Commissions & Other Works
The Tardis – a book and drawing: Bishopstown Library, Cork, 2007. Commissioned by Cork City Council and Cork Libraries, The Tardis took the form of a 120 x 120 cm drawing and and edition of three 50 x 70 cm, 50 page hand-finished books, one of which is presented on permanent display in a specifically fabricated cedarwood cabinet, and available to be viewed by the public. The drawing takes its shape from the architectural ground-plan of the library itself, but locates it as a city/island complete with districts coined from both famous and obscure literary references. The book contains 50 pages of printed and hand-coloured original artworks with texts pulled from a multitude of sources; from classic literature to self-help manuals and from recipe books to country & western lyrics. The texts fit together to build a surreal and humorous contiguous narrative.
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